Osorio Chong: concedes that violence has increased. Osorio Chong: concedes that violence has increased.

Secretary concedes increase in violence

Osorio Chong say it's time to redouble efforts to combat crime

The interior secretary admitted this week that violence has increased in recent months, and reiterated the federal government’s commitment to fight it.


Speaking to the National Public Security Council (CNSP), Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong proposed new measures and highlighted recent ones — the 911 emergency response number and the new oral justice system — as “the new pillars of security.”

However, he said now is the time to redouble efforts to consolidate the fight against crime.

“Efforts such as those, not connected to political calculations or opportunities, led not only to a halt to the growing trend of violence seen in the early years of the administration but its reversal.

“And just as we pointed out the earlier, positive change in the criminal phenomenon, the government has also acknowledged its surge in recent months; we flagged the complex situation the country was facing and that all levels of government should redouble their efforts in light of it,” Osorio Chong said.

Measures adopted during the CNSP meeting included a program in which state governments will strengthen state police forces, a national database to connect all state databases on gender violence and the development of a national evaluation program for the criminal justice system.

In addition, a risk assessment protocol was added to the special protection programs created for journalists and human rights advocates.

It was also agreed that state governments should create programs for the full enforcement of the new General Law on Torture.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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