Painters at work in Ciudad Juárez. Painters at work in Ciudad Juárez.

Painting project gives Juárez a new look

Border city wants to present a better image for its El Paso neighbors

Efforts are under way to spruce up the neighborhood in Ciudad Juárez and offer a better perspective for residents of neighboring El Paso, Texas.

A project called  Pintemos Juárez (Let’s Paint Juárez) is painting and renovating more than 30,000 homes in marginalized areas of the Chihuahua border city with an investment of 10 million pesos (US $530,000).

The State Housing Commission (Coesvi) says work has already been completed on 25,000 homes in a “very successful implementation of the program.”

Commissioner Carlos Borruel Baquera said Pintemos Juárez has the support of local businesses, civil society and schools, and that “every week, more volunteers join the effort to present a cleaner, well cared for and more colorful sight to our United States neighbors.”

It is one way of telling them that Juárez and its people “are about more than just violence.”

Source: Reforma (sp)

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