Twins at Mexico City surrogacy clinic. Twins were born prematurely.

Parents face big bills at surrogacy clinic

Canadian couple's attempt to start a family is in chaos

Medical bills are mounting fast for a Canadian couple who used a surrogacy clinic in Mexico City to start a family.

Their twins, a boy and a girl, were born prematurely at the clinic on January 8 and listed in critical condition. They have been on a roller-coaster ride since, going from critical to stable condition and back to critical, and spending much of the time on ventilators.

On Sunday, Ariana’s lungs collapsed while brother Ayden has developed a fungal infection and is on antibiotics.

According to a relative, the care is costing $6,000 every four days, and costs have already reached $100,000. And while the parents, whose home is in Pitt Meadows, B.C., would like to fly their children home, the clinic will not issue birth certificates until the medical bills have been paid.

An update today on a page at the website says contact has been made with some lawyers, but they have all advised that they “start bribing the right people.”

“Everything has gone bad that could go bad,” said Lindsay Pruden, a cousin of the children’s father, while the clinic is making sure the bills are paid before the babies can leave.

“They’re dealing with desperate people and they know that,” said Pruden. “Things seem to have gotten out of control. Things aren’t going as planned and our hands are kind of tied right now and it’s getting very scary, especially with the one baby’s health declining all the time.”

She admitted there is a lot they don’t know. “In hindsight, this was a horrible idea.”

But she said the parents worked with a lawyer and went through the process legally. “They thought they had everything handled and it has become complete chaos.”

Source: News 1130 (en)

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