Faceoff between teachers and parents yesterday. Faceoff between teachers and parents yesterday.

Parents repel invaders at Oaxaca school

Teachers belonging to rival union take on parents, injuring three

Teachers clashed with parents at a school in Oaxaca yesterday, leaving at least three people injured, two of them seriously.


The teachers belong to Oaxaca local Section 22 of the dissident CNTE teachers’ union and previously worked at the Emiliano Zapata Primary School, which is located on ejido, or community, lands in Tuxtepec.

However, more than three years ago it was decided that CNTE teachers would no longer be allowed to work at the school after they had repeatedly abandoned their students to participate in strikes that many parents believed were unjustified.

Teachers from the SNTE union replaced the CNTE teachers.

But yesterday the ousted teachers made an attempt to forcibly evict their replacements and recover their old workplace.

Parents retaliated and in the ensuing fight, the fathers of two students were badly hurt. One sustained a serious injury to the head and the other received a heavy blow to his eye.

Nevertheless, the parents managed to repel the invading teachers.

During their incursion into the school, the newspaper Milenio reported that CNTE teachers managed to steal six computers and three televisions. They had earlier vandalized the school building.

The incident further heightened existing tensions in the community, leading parents to decide to remain at the school to deter another attack.

The president of the school’s parents’ association called on state and federal authorities to intervene to avoid any further outbreaks of aggression and to guarantee the safety of the students.

Rosa Emilia Hernández said that parents of the school’s 110 pupils will never allow the Section 22 teachers to return because they don’t fulfill their teaching duties, being constantly involved in strikes and other union activities.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • tamara

    good for the parents..lazy seccion 22 teachers are useless

  • Beyond absurd.

  • cooncats

    CNTE are a criminal union who have totally disrupted education in Oaxaca and need to be disbanded with a bunch of them sent to jail.

  • Garry Montgomery

    Maybe teachers should be government employees once they pass their exam requirements. Give them fair pay and conditions. Dump both Unions.

  • Jeff Swanson

    pretty much sums up the people of Mexico as a whole don’t it? These teachers are little more then hardened thug criminals, out for themselves, no one will print or allow the fact to be printed they sell their jobs ( or another family member inherits it) when they retire, to another woefully unqualified “idot”
    this is fully legal under the law for them to do!
    if the future of Mexico is the children, that’s why they kill you, steal and rob you blind, just look at their mentors and role models, liars, thieves, murderers, road blockaders, firebombers, did I leave any act out?

    • Hailey Mannering

      You don`t need to stay in Mexico.

      • Jeff Swanson

        Don’t you have a candlelight vigil for Barbra to attend or something?
        So many dying to live in Mexico these days.

    • Paul Wilkins

      Sorry you feel that way about the people of Mexico. I trust you won`t be returning to Mexico. Don`t feel it necessary to troll here again either. You can`t be taken seriously after your previous comments alluding to there being more remote garage door openers in Mexico than garages. Your nasty completely ill-informed comments about Merida show you to be out of touch with reality. Only you know about a Merida exploding with violence, filled with gated communities and 12 foot high locked gates in front of most houses.

      • Jeff Swanson

        I am sorry but YOU are the ill informed here, no “trolling”: Never said Merida was full of gated communities. EVER! In fact there are more garage door openers in Mexico than garages, people use them on their security gates too! Locked gates? NO! not in Mexico! Sorry!
        Check into reality re: gun homicides 5 times higher than the USA OR how Mexico at the bottom of the corruption index, and the “NORDIC” European Countries, USA and Canada at the top, REALLY, it’s true!

        • Hailey Mannering

          Some of the things you said on December 21 and 22, 2017 are “San Miguel Allende, Merida & the Yucatan have recently exploded with violence” and ”
          there ARE NO “safe parts of Mexico”. You further said ”
          As to the remote, I know of NO ONE, en Mexico who does NOT drive into their respective garage or gate, THEN close it with the remote, check the left so to speak, wait for it to close, then and only then unlock and get out of the car.” and ”
          Today all they build is gated communities in Mexico for the MEXICANS,” Well, I have lived happily in Merida, a major Mexican city, for years and I know what you`re saying is f-a-l-s-e. Neither has San Miguel “exploded” in violence. There are other safe parts of Mexico as well, so please stop misinforming people. It costs Mexican jobs.

  • WestCoastHwy

    The School Yard South Cartel vs the North Playground Area Cartel……only in Mexico. LMMFAO!