Party parades its painted women. Party parades its painted women.

Party gets attention with body painting

New Alliance Party closes campaign with semi-nude women

Four semi-nude young women wearing nothing above the waist but body paint were a feature of a political event on Tuesday, and the focus of much criticism not long after.

The New Alliance Party closed its campaign in Mexico City with a ceremony at which the four women sported body paint in the party’s trademark turquoise color, highlighting the party’s name, its logo and the women’s breasts.

The event, attended by the party’s national director, Luis Castro, marked the closure of its campaign to elect members of a constituent assembly, whose role will be to draft a new constitution as the city transitions into the country’s 32nd state.

It also showcased the New Alliance’s “10 Actions for Women and Children,” a series of statements spelling out the party’s support for women’s rights and its opposition to violence and discrimination against them.

The party was soon the brunt of ridicule and jokes on social media, which included a highly critical commentary on Facebook by Rene Fujiwara, one of its federal Deputies and a grandson of its founder.

“What better way to dignify women,” he wrote with sarcasm. “It is evident that women are a theme of great importance to the party. [This is] another sign of the profound congruity of the party’s talented leadership. Idiots.”

Source: El Universal (sp)

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