Pemex security officials after their arrest. Caught in the act: Pemex security officials after their arrest. al calor político

Pemex’ own police caught stealing fuel

Five officers arrested after they were found tapping a pipeline in Veracruz

Mexico’s state petroleum company has implemented various strategies to prevent the theft of its products from the pipelines that crisscross the country.

But they don’t seem to be enough to stop its own security personnel from getting in the game.

Municipal and state police in Juan Rodríguez Clara, Veracruz, arrested five Pemex Physical Security officers after they were caught red-handed helping themselves to petroleum from a pipeline last week.

When municipal police arrived on the scene after receiving an emergency 066 call they found the five filling a 1,500-liter tank in the back of a truck near the community of Paso de Ganado. The Pemex officers pulled their weapons on the police and told them to leave, saying it was a matter of federal jurisdiction.

The local police called in the state police and together they arrested the men for possession of restricted weapons. Two of the Pemex police didn’t have the necessary permit to carry such arms.

The five were turned over to the public prosecutor’s office in Cosamaloapan.

The theft of gasoline and other products from illegal taps on Pemex pipelines soared by 51% during 2015, totaling at least 6.9 million barrels and representing a loss for the state oil company of 10.9 billion pesos.

Source: Al Calor Político (sp)

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