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What do people do on Mondays? Watch other people having sex

People living in Mexico City like their pornography, particularly on Mondays.

That interesting but not necessarily useful fact came out of a look at Mexico traffic on the pornographic website Pornhub, which 338 million Mexicans visited in 2013.

The study, riveting by all accounts, was undertaken by El Universal after obtaining the statistics from the site’s owner, which claims to be the world’s most popular porn site, with 14 billion visits last year.

Daily visits by Mexicans totaled 920,000, putting it in eighth place in terms of visits by country. Residents of the capital city represented 23% of the total, but visits by region were roughly in line with population.

The report goes on to point out that people from Baja California Sur spent the most time on Pornhub, at 9:46 mins. It didn’t reveal the length of time spent by Chilangos.

But what’s the attraction of Mondays, the most popular day of the week for watching people have sex?

It’s likely because many people access the Internet from work. Nielsen, the ratings company, has found that 25% of working adults admit to viewing pornography on a computer while at work. Furthermore, 70% of all online pornography access occurs between 9:00am and 5:00pm, according to a report by Forbes.

But getting back to the more titillating stuff, statistics show that Mexicans like Mexicans. That category was the most popular among visitors from this country. Second was mature women, presumably Mexican.

Pornhub vice-president Corey Price told the newspaper by email that the site has 5 million porn videos, including those on several related sites. Traffic numbers, which average 1.68 million visits an hour, hit their highest point ever a few weeks ago.

Jorge Grajales is described as a specialist in the history of the pornography industry. He believes that the Internet has democratized access, because it’s both free and available to anyone with a connection.

He says no one should be surprised at the popularity of porn sites among Mexicans given how difficult it used to be to find pornographic materials, or cinemas where pornography could be viewed.

The report notes that Pornhub’s second most popular video features an adult having sex with a girl of about 11 years of age, although her face is not shown. But the site’s communications spokesman denied it was child pornography, and stated “it has no place in our site.”

Looking at Pornhub from an ethical standpoint, feminist Joyce Jandette was critical of the site for sexist sexual practices, in which women are simply objects intended for the pleasure of men. However, it’s not all bad.

“Most of the videos are shit that don’t excite me and what’s more they provoke ethical-ideological conflicts but, as they say, it’s like going to a music store: most of the CDs are garbage, but by searching you can find what you like.”

Pornhub’s Price declined to discuss revenue figures. A quick Internet search found little in this respect, apart from one estimate that worldwide the porn industry is worth $13 billion a year.

Almost enough to make an Internet-based news service wonder about the business plan.

Source: El Universal (esp)

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