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Petition calls for visas for US citizens

Requiring a visa seen as being fair as well as a revenue source

As Mexico prepares for the massive deportation of citizens who are undocumented migrants in the United States, some people’s thoughts have turned to the equitable treatment of people who cross the border — into Mexico.

With that in mind, a petition was launched two weeks ago at calling on the Mexican government to impose a visa requirement on U.S. visitors.

“It’s very important that international relations be bilateral and equitable with regard to rights and responsibilities,” reads the petition, which has garnered 29,000 supporters since it was launched two weeks ago.

“We must be fair; the visa for United States citizens in Mexico, in addition to being a source of income and diplomatic reciprocity should be a form of border control during times of violence and terrorism such as those in which we are currently living.”

The petition notes that Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Cuba and China are other countries that already require U.S. visitors to have a visa.

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