Prosecutor Almaguer Ramírez and a Segmex flyer. Prosecutor Almaguer Ramírez and a Segmex flyer.

Phony security firm recruited for cartel

Segmex sought recruits in Tlaquepaque and Puerto Vallarta

Job-seekers need to be wary of where they apply for work: they could finish up trafficking drugs for a cartel.

The Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación has been distributing flyers in two Jalisco municipalities, Tlaquepaque and Puerto Vallarta, seeking recruits for a phony security company called Segmex.

Positions included guards and bodyguards and salaries started at 3,000 pesos, or US $168, a week. Applicants with police, military or other security experience could earn more.

They were invited to contact an American woman, Johanna Mary Hernández, in Puerto Vallarta.

After a 10-day training session in the use of firearms, new hires were assigned to drug distribution roles.

The state prosecutor’s office said the findings followed the arrest of 13 suspected cartel members during a kidnapping investigation. Several gave evidence of the new recruitment scheme, said Chief Prosecutor Eduardo Almaguer Ramírez.

During the arrests, authorities freed a security guard who had been kidnapped and held captive by the gang, which had demanded a 1-million-peso ransom.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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