The mayor during her safe-sex demonstration. The mayor during Sunday's health fair.

Putting on a condom: mayor shows how

Mayor of a Mexico City borough offers a graphic demonstration

A health fair in Mexico City Sunday was called Hugs and Kisses, but the mayor took the action well beyond that stage with a graphic display of safe sex.

The event was held to mark Mexico’s Valentine’s Day, known as the Day of Love and Friendship, and its theme was sexual rights and responsibilities: avoiding sexual transmission of disease and preventing pregnancy.

Mayor Dione Anguiano of Iztapalapa, the city’s most populous borough with close to 2 million inhabitants, chose the latter topic for her demonstration before an audience of some 2,000 people, mostly youths.

The task to be demonstrated was giving oral sex with a condom. The method entailed putting the prophylactic in place on a plastic penis using the mouth. A video, published below, shows not only that the mayor had no qualms about performing the act in public but she was well versed in the procedure.

Anguiano, whose administration organized the health fair, told the crowd that the fair was intended for participants to have some fun and “learn about our bodies, our dreams, how to make love without making war; how to make love without dying in the attempt and how to make love without becoming pregnant.”

Source: Terra (sp), Milenio (sp)

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