U.s. border patrol A U.S. Border Patrol agent scans for illegal immigrants.

Plans continue for border shutdown

Shut Down All Ports plans simultaneous blockade of 26 crossings

Plans to shut down 25 Mexico-United States border crossings are proceeding, according to updates to the organizers’ website and Facebook page. Shut Down All Ports is a United States-based protest against illegal immigration, along with immigration policy and several other concerns outlined in a petition on the group’s website.

Spokesman Rob Chupp said last month that 1,000 volunteers had already pledged to participate in the ongoing event, scheduled to begin at 8:00am Pacific time on September 20. The plan calls for blocking access in both arrival and exit lanes at roughly half the crossings on the border, from Texas to California, using vehicles.

Yesterday, files were uploaded to the movement’s Facebook page that offer guidelines to “port organizers,” detailing the preparations that will be required, from logistics such as food and water to relations with the public and law enforcement agencies.

Organizers have issued a petition containing seven demands, from the immediate release of U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Rahmooressi, currently on trial in Mexico on weapons charges, to enforcing immigration laws and sealing the southern border.

The original petition contained other demands which have been removed in the latest version, such as halting all foreign aid to Mexico, and requiring that Mexico pay half of all the costs for processing illegal aliens.

The petitition states that the border blockade will remain in place until all the demands have been met.

The protest movement has 1,500 members in its Facebook group, which was created August 11. Invitations to join the border shutdown went to 2,000 people, but only 101 have indicated they are going while another 29 said maybe.

Organizer Stasyi Barth of Lake Elsinore, California, urged on Saturday that participants contact her before the event for planning purposes. If not enough people sign up the event it will not go ahead, she said.

In an earlier report, Rob Chupp said groups such as Secure Our Borders, California Coalition for Immigration Reform and American Border Patrol, along with civilian militia groups Patriots and Oathkeepers, were also involved in the shutdown. However, only the Border Patrol and Oathkeepers have active websites and neither contains any mention of Shut Down All Ports.

Chupp is a volunteer at Camp Lone Star, which is patrolling six miles of the border near Brownsville, Texas.

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