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Plenty of complaints but no action taken

Federal audits of state finances have produced 270 criminal complaints

The Federal Auditor’s Office (ASF) has filed 270 criminal complaints as a result of its investigations into state government spending, but no one has been held responsible for mismanaging federal funds.

Most of the complaints, 260, were filed between March 2014 and September 2016.

The ASF’s list has the state of Veracruz at the top with 56 complaints, 53 of which correspond to the administration of its governor-on-leave and on-the-run, Javier Duarte.

Jalisco followed with 23 complaints, Michoacán with 21, Morelos with 19 and Chihuahua with 17.

The ASF oversees more than just the financial performance of state governors. Since its creation in 2000, it has filed a total of 723 complaints against federal government secretariats, parastatal organizations and decentralized government agencies, as well as individuals who have been allocated federal funds by Congress.

Last week, the head of the ASF was critical of the Attorney General’s office (PGR) for its lack of action regarding financial issues in Veracruz. Chief auditor Juan Manuel Portal complained that his office had revealed the mismanagement of resources in the Duarte administration but the PGR ignored the reports and did nothing.

He told the newspaper Milenio that similar cases occurred with the states of Michoacán, Jalisco and the State of México.

“It was clear what we found in Veracruz, but nothing was done in response. We’ve been filing complaints since 2014 . . . and will continue to do so,” said Portal.

The chief auditor lamented that the number of public prosecutors isn’t enough to deal with the over 8,000 observations and reports his office issues every year.

Portal also said that authorities should go after all public officials accused of committing acts of corruption.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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