The truck that killed 27 in Mazapil The truck that killed 27 in Mazapil. el clarinete

Police arrest driver of truck that killed 27

Truck reportedly lost its brakes and struck a religious procession in Mazapil

The driver of a truck that plowed into a religious procession killing 27 people on July 29 was arrested Thursday in Concepción del Oro, Zacatecas.

Julián Azael Carrillo Pérez, who was taken into custody without resistance, will be accused of manslaughter, causing injury and leaving the scene of the accident, said state Attorney General Leticia Soto Acosta.

The accused was driving a truck carrying a load of sand in the center of the northern Zacatecas town of Mazapil when it overturned and struck a procession of at least 200 people.

The accident occurred just before the parade arrived at its destination, a church in which the town’s patron saint was being celebrated. At least 12 people were killed instantly and with little warning, and nearly 150 were injured.

The dump truck struck some parked vehicles immediately before hitting the parade.

The Attorney General said her office was in the process of defining the responsibilities of the truck’s owner in terms of compensation for the victims of the accident and their families.

One report said the accident occurred after the truck’s brakes failed.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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