Boxes of iPhones in the van and the suspect. Boxes of iPhones in the van and the suspect.

Police catch thief with 2,700 stolen iPhones

Marijuana exchange led police to the loot in Mexico City

Exchanging a bag of marijuana proved costly for a man in Mexico City on Tuesday: police found not only pot but 2,780 stolen Apple iPhones.


Shortly after 6:00pm police in the borough of Venustiano Carranza witnessed a man in a white van exchanging what appeared to be a bag of marijuana with another man.

When the two realized that police saw the exchange both fled the scene, but police were able to arrest one of them.

A search of the van turned up 278 boxes containing the iPhones, which are believed to have been stolen in recent days from a store in Puebla.

It was not revealed which model of iPhone was seized but the iPhone 8 sells for about 16,499 pesos while an iPhone X runs for 23,499 pesos, meaning the value of the haul could be between 45.86 million and 65.32 million pesos, or US $2.4 million to US $3.4 million.

Police also found 800,000 pesos in cash and two bags of marijuana.

The 30-year-old suspect faces charges of drug trafficking, robbery and bribery. He attempted to pay one of the officers to free him.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • Cool Hand Luke

    Did he have a working phone left to call a lawyer?

    • Garry Montgomery

      None of them had been charged . . .

  • Garry Montgomery

    “ATTEMPTED TO PAY”? ah, “bribe” would be the correct word.

  • softunderbelly

    That was absolutely stupid. All Apple has to do is cancel the imei numbers on the phones
    and they’ll NEVER work.

  • WestCoastHwy

    Fake News………Mexican Police with all that contraband and no mordida, impossible.

  • TorontoOnt416

    Certainly hasn’t been missing any meals. He’s got that in common with the White House Press Secretary.