A state of México store damaged by looters. A state of México store damaged by looters.

Police detain 113 for México state looting

Well organized thieves make off with cell phones, expensive watches

Police have arrested well over 100 people for looting stores in the states of México, Mexico City and Puebla this week in incidents that in some cases were orchestrated via social media.


In México state alone 113 people were detained, public security officials said at a press conference today, after 33 stores suffered attempted looting, 13 were vandalized and four were actually robbed of merchandise.

The first looting report resulted in the arrest of 11 people suspected of stealing goods from an Elektra store.

In response to the outbreak, the state Attorney General’s office implemented a preventive surveillance operation targeting department stores in the municipalities of Ecatepec, Coacalco, Nezahualcóyotl, Tlalnepantla, Naucalpan, Atizapán, Izcalli, Zumpango, Toluca and Metepec.

In México City, at least two stores were targeted by well organized looters.

The first instance took place in a Coppel store located in the borough of Gustavo A. Madero. Yesterday afternoon a group of eight people entered the store and approached the area where cellphones are on display.

In manner that appeared coordinated, the individuals took hammers out of their backpacks, shattered the glass display cabinets and helped themselves to the phones. None has been apprehended.


A Sam’s Club store in the borough of Iztapalapa was targeted in a similar manner.

According to the store manager, three men wearing dark, bulky clothes and caps entered the store and approached an area where expensive watches were on display.

When one of the men attempted to grab a watch a sales clerk stopped him and told him the watch had to be paid for first at the cash register. The man then produced a handgun and threatened the clerk.

He and his accomplices then helped themselves to CAT, Reebok and Puma watches, exited through the back door and left in a vehicle that was waiting for them.

Similar crimes appear to have been thwarted in the neighboring state of Puebla.

Police arrested a man and a woman after intelligence work found they had been using text messaging and social media to incite people to loot.

México state officials said they had identified two Facebook pages — with more than 2,500 followers — that were being used to encourage looters. Two WhatsApp groups were doing the same.

Source: Animal Político (sp), Milenio (sp)

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  • Gary Blake

    This is only a demo of things to come in Mexico, the Mexican People overall are thieves, sorry they are. Yes there are hard working Mexican People who hate a thief as much or more than you or I, just much harder to find any these days, LOL!
    Look at the picture above people, that was done by 100 or more, “Bum Rushing” the place!
    Canadian Mexico cheerleaders and boosters? Pom-Pom’s ready?
    Don’t happen in the safe areas you say? Draw me a map please of where that is?
    When and where NOB did this happen last week, last month, last year, last decade?
    The 113 “Detained” were realeased in hours or minutes, not a one will ever see a jail cell, must less even ever be prosecuted. free at last to do it over, and over, and over.

  • Roy S

    Interesting. Sounds like Black Lives Matter has a brown cousin. Good luck México.

    • Anthony Stein

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      • Roy S

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        • Anthony Stein

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      • David Nichols

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          • David Nichols

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          • Anthony Stein

            In a civilized country that doesn’t prey on each other and take advantage of the poor and weak! But you wouldn’t understand that concept anyway! It is not in your DNA.

          • David Nichols

            Hahaha…What a troll, won’t post an actual picture to go with a fake name, and now won’t even admit what country he lives in—if he even knows..!
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