The drone seized by police in Guanajuato. The drone seized by police in Guanajuato.

Police find drone with powerful bomb

Four men arrested with the aircraft in Guanajuato

Four men are under investigation after they were apprehended in Guanajuato with a drone equipped with a powerful bomb.

Federal Police arrested the four near the end of last week while they were traveling in a vehicle near Salamanca.

State Attorney General Carlos Zamarripa said the Fly 3DR drone was carrying “a big load of explosive” that had a remote detonator. An assault rifle was also found in the vehicle.

Zamarripa said the men belonged to a criminal cell.

Guanajuato has not seen the level of drug-war violence experienced by other states but it has seen a surge in thefts from petroleum pipelines and freight trains.

Source: Associated Press, am (sp)

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