The five who have been missing since Monday. The five who have been missing since Monday.

Police in custody after 5 go missing Monday

4 state police arrested in connection with the disappearance in Veracruz

Police in the state of Veracruz are under suspicion in the disappearance Monday of five young people, as four officers have been singled out as the perpetrators.

According to an account of the events put together by the state Attorney General’s office, four men and a teenage girl, all residents of Playa Vicente, were driving through the streets of the neighboring town of Tierra Blanca at about noon when they were stopped by state police officers for speeding.

That was the last time anyone saw the five, whose ages range from 24 to 27 in the case of the men, while the girl was 16.

The vehicle the youths were traveling in was found days later in the neighboring town of Medellín de Bravo, the hometown of at least of one of the missing, according to some reports.

The four police officers are under investigation for the disappearance of the youths and for malicious intent, as they not only failed to report their having been stopped for speeding, but also tried to hide the incident from their superiors, said the Attorney General’s office in a press release.

In their official statements, the officers have agreed they detained the youths for speeding, but deny any knowledge of their whereabouts.

Search efforts have been redoubled, with over 100 people involved in the operation.

José Benítez Herrera, father of one of the youths, said the detention of the four state police officers is useless if his son is still missing.

Benítez felt the detention of the youths for speeding was impossible due to the proliferation of speed bumps. In Tierra Blanca “you find a tope (speed bump) every 20 meters or so. How can five people speed aboard a Jetta [under such conditions]?”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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