Xolapa: alleged leader of gang of highway robbers. Xolapa: alleged leader of gang of highway robbers.

Police make arrest in highway attack case

2-year-old killed when 'everything went out of control'

A gang of highway robbers was behind the May 2 attack on a family of four that killed a two-year-old child, the National Security Commissioner said yesterday.


One of six perpetrators who are believed to have killed the young boy, raped his mother and cousin and stolen the family’s vehicle was apprehended on Tuesday by the Federal Police.

Security Commissioner Renato Sales Heredia said Orlando “El Chivo” Xolapa Sánchez was the leader of a gang known as Los Moyos or Los Negros.

He and his two brothers, Fernando and Mauricio, and three more accomplices were allegedly traveling on the Mexico City-Puebla highway aboard two vehicles when they saw the Vázquez Pérez family in their Ford Ranger pickup truck.

When the latter stopped about 3:00am to relieve themselves near the Santa María Moyotzingo neighborhood of San Martín Texmelucan, Puebla, the gangsters attacked.

But according to Xolapa, “everything went out of control.”


He told the authorities that he threatened the driver with a gun while trying to open the door, but Hilario Vázquez Pérez resisted and a struggle ensued.

On the other side of the truck, his brother Fernando was struggling with Vázquez’ wife, who was holding their two-year old son in her arms. It was at that point that Fernando Xolapa fired his gun, killing the boy.

The shot ended the family’s resistance and the six assailants removed them from their truck, raped Vázquez’ wife and her 14-year-old niece and beat Vázquez himself.

Xolapa gave evidence that after the attack they hid for some days in San Martín Texmelucan.

Commissioner Sales said an anonymous tip alerted authorities to a gang threatening residents of Santa María Moyotzingo.

“The caller described a criminal group led by three brothers who were usually armed, and hinted at their probable blame in the highway attack.”

After mounting surveillance in the area police apprehended Xolapa. He was carrying a handgun and synthetic drugs at the time of his arrest.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • cooncats

    Why Mexico needs capital punishment….

    • Scott Cap

      Absolutely agree… A few televised public hangings might save other lives as well as guarantee these predators will never again do harm.

    • Rob Mellors

      Hear, hear!

    • Commander Barkfeather

      On principle I must oppose capital punishment. Surely as civilized, thinking human beings we can deal with predators without resorting to the barbaric taking of life. However the pragmatist in me says we’ll discuss this further right after we burn this guy!

      • cooncats

        On principle I do too but there has to be some sort of uncrossable line that covers crimes like this.

    • RickDrake

      Capital punishment has never stopped murderers.

      • cooncats

        It stops the ones that are executed. Better than putting them in Mexico’s leaky jails.

        • RickDrake

          A little late for the murdered. Capital punishment is not nor has it ever been a deterrent.

          • cooncats

            Same comment. If you’re dead, you won’t be committing any more of these kinds of crimes. If you are jailed in this country, odds are pretty good you’ll manage to get out and do it again. So executing this scum does guarantee they won’t be able to do it again.

          • RickDrake

            In case you haven’t figured it out, innocent people have been met with capital punishment. I’m
            sure you wouldn’t mind if you were one.

          • cooncats

            Yup and a whole bunch of guilty ones too. :>)

            Don’t draw conclusions about Mexico from the U.S. in these matters.

          • RickDrake

            How many innocent ones would you suggest we kill to find the guilty?

  • Fred Alexander

    Rape punishment should be castration.

  • K. Chris C.

    Probably, like in the US tyranny, some poor, uneducated sap snatched off the street and railroaded in to a confession.

    “Make your mark here. We’ll fill in your confession later.”

    An American citizen, not US subject.