The US $10 million seized in Tijuana. The US $10 million seized in Tijuana.

Police seize $10mn at Tijuana airport

Fentanyl, methamphetamine found in two other seizures

A large haul of cash was among three seizures made by authorities in Baja California this week.

Federal Police arrested a man yesterday as he attempted to retrieve a shipment of US $10 million that had arrived by plane at Tijuana International Airport.

The man was unable to produce documentation confirming the origin of the shipment which, upon further inspection, consisted of 31 sacks containing cash in various denominations.

In another incident in the same airport, a police canine unit raised the alarm over a piece of luggage that on first inspection appeared to be boxes of antacid and painkiller medications.

But when the antacid boxes were opened, officials found 295 fentanyl pills, while the other boxes, purportedly painkillers, contained controlled substances.

At a home in Tecate, meanwhile, agents from the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) seized just under half a tonne of methamphetamine along with the ingredients and supplies necessary for the drug’s manufacture.

Source: El Universal (sp), Milenio (sp)

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