Neighbors stand outside church whose priest was killed Wednesday. Neighbors stand outside church whose priest was killed Wednesday.

Popular parish priest found bound, stabbed

The 73-year-old was assassinated in his home

Robbery is believed to have been the motive for the killing on Wednesday night of a parish priest in Los Reyes La Paz in Estado de México.


Luis López Villa, 73, was found in his bedroom where he had been bound with adhesive tape and stabbed with a sharp instrument, state security authorities said.

Police were called to the scene after neighbors observed that the door to the priest’s home had been left open.

Parishioners of San Isidro Labrador were mourning López’ death yesterday morning, describing him as “a marvelous human being” and “an extraordinary person.” He had been their priest for at least 11 years.

When the Catholic Church wished to transfer López two years ago, the parish rallied and prevented the move.

“He loved all of us here and we loved him very much,” said one parishioner.

At least four priests have been assassinated in Mexico during the past year.

Source: El Universal (sp), Excélsior (sp)

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  • With all the priests being murdered in Mexico, every death needs to be investigated for possible political motivation. Priests, being true to the gospel, have been upsetting the wealthy elite who have been having these priests killed for preaching the social justice message. Perhaps these wealthy elite are simply trying to make yet another one of their murders look like a senseless act of violence, rather than yet another targeted assassination. At least the Romans had the decency to be open with their executions. They killed Jesus for his social justice message of Jubilee.

  • Francisco Salazar

    Pederasts karma ….. doesn’t take long how many more are in line Run baby Run