Pothole insurance: if this happens, you're out of luck. The pothole program doesn't cover sinkholes. Pothole insurance: if this happens, you're out of luck. The pothole program doesn't cover sinkholes.

Pothole compensation wait time reduced

Motorists can expect payment for pothole damage in 10 days. It used to be six months

A bureaucratic process in Mexico City that used to take six months or more has been reduced to just 10 days.


The process is that which pays compensation to owners of vehicles that have had a close encounter with one of the city’s many potholes, or baches as they are known in Spanish.

Until now, motorists seeking compensation for damages caused by a pothole have had  to wait six months or more to receive the money.

Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera explained that the government is not involved in the three-step compensation process. Instead, everything is handled by the financial services company Banorte.

Motorists must now call the toll-free number 01 800 500 1500 and choose option 1 to report pothole damage under the new system, which went into effect yesterday. A Banorte representative then assesses the damage and checks the driver’s documents.

If everything is in order the the administrative office of the city government will summon the driver and make the payment.

In the case of mega-potholes that cause damage so severe that the vehicle can no longer be driven the program will cover the towing cost.

The service only covers vehicle damage. Drivers who have the misfortune to be injured during a pothole encounter will be responsible for paying their medical expenses.

Mancera said the program would also be available to motorcycles and bicycles.

The mayor also reported that since the implementation of the smartphone-based pothole reporting and reparation service Bache24 last summer, 15,046 pothole reports have been received and 1.112 million square meters of primary road surface repaved.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Jason Habacht

    I guess it is easier to pay for the damage than it is to fix the hole.