Flowers grace a Mexico City pothole. Flowers grace a Mexico City pothole.

Potholes converted into small gardens

Bloggers spruce up Mexico City by planting flowers in potholes

“Let’s take care of our potholes” was the message sent out yesterday by a Mexico City blog that went out into city streets and did just that: by converting them into small gardens.

Equipped with soil, plants, gardening tools and a camera the bloggers at Mensajeros Urbanos went around the city filling potholes with soil and planting flowers, and capturing the process on video.

The floral displays brought smiles and thumbs up from motorists, cyclists, taxi drivers and even city police.

“It looks very nice, young man, thanks,” said one officer as a mensajero put the finishing touches to a display of tulips and ferns.

“Actually,” he replied, “we’re thinking of planting fruit trees next.”

“Great idea,” said the cop as he drove off.

Many others appear to think the same thing, judging by some of the 18,000 comments on the bloggers’ Facebook page, where they explain that their goal is to create entertaining and original content “for a better world.”

The project’s three-minute video has earned over half a million shares and nearly 400,000 likes on Facebook.

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