eggs The imported ones could be bad for your health.

Poultry farmers claim eggs are health risk

They say eggs imported from US do not have adequate refrigeration

Mexican egg producers are crying foul over what they claim are eggs being dumped on the domestic market from the United States, and shipped without adequate refrigeration.

Industry spokesman Jorge García de la Cadena charges that 3,000 tonnes of poor quality eggs have been shipped to Mexico, presenting a health risk to consumers.

The president of both the Tehuacán (Puebla) Poultry Farmers Association and the Latin American Poultry Farming Association was critical of the health agency Cofepris for being “too flexible” regarding egg imports by allowing products that could be harmful to health.

García said special attention ought to be paid to the transport of imported eggs in Chihuahua, Sonora and Sinaloa where temperatures of 40 C threaten to hasten their decomposition.

“We are raising our voice because the cold chain is not being complied with . . . .” Eggs must be refrigerated until they reach their ultimate point of sale, he said, but that is not happening.

He also called on the Economy Secretary to address the unfair competition that the egg imports represent, charging that U.S. producers are dumping their product in Mexico.

García also observed that it wasn’t necessary to import eggs because domestic production can meet the demand.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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