The hapless Gloria, mourning the loss of her 'baby.' The hapless Gloria, mourning the loss of her 'baby.'

Doctors find ‘pregnant’ woman was carrying more than a child

A supposedly pregnant woman who showed up at a Mexico City hospital claiming she was about to lose her baby had something rather different to lose.

When Gloria, 37, last name undisclosed, arrived Sunday at the Rubén Leñero hospital in the Miguel Hidalgo borough she said she was having severe abdominal pains and that she feared she was about to lose her baby.

“It hasn’t moved in a while,” she told doctors.

But it wasn’t her baby she was about to lose but a kilogram of pot.

X-rays revealed several packages containing marijuana, one of which had torn and produced the woman’s pain. The marijuana bore traces of dirt, indicating it had just been harvested before it was wrapped.

Gloria’s criminal record soon came to light: she had tried to smuggle illegal drugs into a Mexico City penitentiary in a similar manner, wrapping the packages in tape and slathering them with xylocaine jelly before their insertion in the body.

She went to jail for five years for the crime.

Gloria now faces new charges.

Source: Milenio (sp), La Razón (sp)

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