Del Mazo and Gómez: a close race. Del Mazo and Gómez: a close race.

PRI leading Morena in State of México vote

But the margin is only about 3% in the state's election for governor

The nearly 90-year hold of the Institutional Revolutionary Party on the State of México appears to have been given another six years after voters gave a narrow victory to the party’s candidate for governor, Alfredo del Mazo.

But the race is close, as polls had predicted.

As of 9:00am, with 97.8% of the votes counted, the PRI was leading with 33.7% of the vote, followed closely by Delfina Gómez of the leftist party Morena with 30.8%.

Well behind were Juan Zepeda of the Democratic Revolution Party, with 17.7%, and the National Action Party’s Josefina Vázquez Mota with just 11.2%.

The State of México election is seen as a bellwether for next year’s presidential election.

Official results of the vote are not expected until Wednesday.

One political analyst said a victory for Del Mazo would be “pyrrhic.”

Raymundo Riva Palacio told Reuters the results indicate “an enormous discontent with the PRI” and could represent a bad scenario for the party given the power of its political machine and the fact that Gómez was virtually unknown eight months ago.

Her party, whose full name is the National Regeneration Movement, didn’t even exist at the time of the state’s last election for governor six years ago.

The current governor, Eruviel Ávila, won that election with 64% of the vote, while his predecessor, President Enrique Peña Nieto, won with 47.5%. This year’s results are the closest ever seen in a State of México election.

Source: Milenio (sp), Animal Político (sp), Reuters (en)

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