Colombian sniffer dog takes a rest after finishing work. Colombian sniffer dog takes a rest after finishing work.

Printer toner proves to be cocaine shipment

Dog confirms suspicions about toner bound for Sinaloa

Not even printer toner could fool a sniffer dog in Bogotá this week, resulting in the seizure of slightly more than a tonne of cocaine destined for Mexico.

A joint operation by Mexican and Colombian police resulted in the confiscation of two tonnes in total, all of which was disguised as toner for printers and photocopiers.

The first seizure was made after Colombian authorities became suspicious about a container of toner for export to the state of Sinaloa. A drug-sniffing dog was brought in to confirm their suspicions, revealing that the drug had been wrapped in plastic bags and packaged in 48 boxes. Subsequent chemical testing showed the presence of cocaine.

The discovery led to another: a similar shipment had left Bogota for Mexico City hours earlier. Authorities in Mexico were advised and the plane was impounded upon arrival.

It was carrying a cargo of 961 kilograms of cocaine hidden in printer toner.

No arrests have been made but Colombian police said they have evidence that the cocaine was to be received by members of the Sinaloa Cartel. The investigation has determined that the firm that exported the cocaine and the Mexican importer, registered in Sinaloa, were both fake.

Source: EFE (sp)

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