A young man is beaten in the street in Culiacán. A young man is beaten in the street in Culiacán.

Probe urged after men stripped and beaten

Video surfaced yesterday showing armed men beating supposed delinquents in Sinaloa

Lawmakers in Sinaloa are calling for an investigation after incidents in which suspected criminals were publicly stripped naked and beaten in several Sinaloa municipalities.

The most recent was on Monday of last week when four armed and masked men stepped out of a truck along with two young men who were forced to walk naked in the Culiacán neighborhood of Costa del Sol.

As they walked down the street they were beaten with a wooden board by their aggressors, who yelled “this is what happens to criminals and bullies.”

Messages accusing them of crimes were painted on their bodies and on signs they were made to carry. A video of the incident turned up on social media yesterday.

Similar events have taken place in Elota and Navolato, and all have been recorded and posted online.

This week, the president of the congressional commission on public security declared it was suspicious that authorities were not investigating the cases, or were not even aware of them.

Deputy Marco Antonio Osuna Moreno said that no formal complaint has been filed in the case of the two men who were assaulted last week, and no reports about their whereabouts or their well-being have been made available.

In another similar recording, a single man was beaten by a group of armed men and then forced to walk the streets of the Fraccionamiento Sur neighborhood. The aggressors filmed the event with a mobile phone, capturing the moment when the men wrote on his bear chest and his back that their captive was “a beater of women.”

Culiacán Public Security chief Óscar Guinto Marmolejo said the state Attorney General’s office can only start an investigation when a formal complaint has been filed, and so far that had not happened.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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