The Cancún apartment project halted by Profepa. The Cancún apartment project halted by Profepa.

Profepa shuts down apartment project

Partially built luxury apartments in Cancún must be torn down

The federal environmental protection agency Profepa has permanently shut down a luxury apartment development in Cancún because its developer failed to obtain the required environmental permits.


Profepa also imposed a fine of just over 1 million pesos (US $52,500) on the company known legally as Vanguard Caribe Comercializadora and ordered that the 14,160-square meter site be restored to its original coastal environment.

Work on the project known commercially as Ynfinity had already started at the site, located about 500 meters from the Nichupté Lagoon in the area known as Malecón Tajamar in Cancún’s hotel zone.

But the developers had not applied for an environmental impact permit from the Environmental Secretariat (Semarnat).

In shutting down the project, Profepa noted that the project was being built on land deemed as a coastal ecosystem where both fauna and flora species are present.

Profepa had previously ordered a temporary suspension in September while it verified whether the company had obtained the relevant permits.


However, the company continued to work despite the ruling and had finished construction of a sales building, a central building, swimming pool, workers’ dining hall and building foundations, all of which will have to be removed.

Eighty-one luxury apartment and penthouses were planned for the site and according to the company’s website, all of the two-bedroom apartments in one category had already been sold with an average price of 7.85 million pesos (US $412,000).

The development attracted controversy and criticism from the start after mangroves were cleared from the site in January 2016, a practice that has been illegal under Mexican law since 2007 but was permitted because the project was approved before that date.

Work on Ynfinity, developed in conjunction with the national tourism fund Fonatur, had continued despite several provisional suspensions as well as one that was supposedly definitive in February 2016.

Source: Milenio (sp), Riviera Maya News (sp)

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  • tito

    “… Although the project was approved by that date.” is confusing. approved by a bought off city counsel? The Municipal planner? $ome state authorieis? The story is about a bulding development that didn’t have approval editor. And “police” tells me nothing in your stories. The type of police is what tells the story in Mexico. I like your publication and think it is an important one for my continuesd existance here but I wish the writers would more specific so you aren’t contadicting yourself in the same story. Sorry, had to say it. And thank you for your efforts, all.

  • cooncats

    Oops, forgot to grease the right palms…

  • Terri Lane

    This company has destroyed a ton of mangrove, and after being halted by a judge, simply continued in the dark of night. I really hope this judgement ends the destruction.

  • In the Sun

    Originally approved before 2007? Forgery dept hard at work again!