Adán on his Oaxaca farm. Adán on his Oaxaca farm.

Program lets workers enter US legally

Oaxaca farm workers off to Florida to pick tomatoes through federal labor program

A variation on the American dream will send 56 farm workers from Oaxaca to Florida next month and all of them will cross the border legally.


The workers, aged 23 to 40, will work on the tomato harvest through an agreement between the federal labor service and the United States firm Lipman Produce.

Depending on the work available and their performance, the laborers will be able to remain employed for three to eight months.

A Oaxaca farm worker will earn on average 150 pesos (less than US $7.50) per day. In the U.S. that worker will earn just over $11 an hour.

Adán is one of those workers. He lives in San Francisco Cotahuixtla in the municipality of Santiago Nacaltepec where he farms the family land, two hectares he inherited from his father.

The tomatoes, peaches and beans that are grown in the area are sold in the town and in the state capital, but “earnings are variable,” he told the newspaper Milenio, because success depends on seasonal rainfall.

Adán is not only after American dollars. He wants to learn from the sowing, cultivation and harvesting techniques used by Lipman Produce and apply them to his own land.


The 25-year-old, married and father of one, is proud to be going to “el otro lado,” or “the other side,” to work. He’s afraid, though, “because the president there is racist, he doesn’t want or like us Mexicans.”

Despite the fact they are traveling legally and have all the necessary documentation, there is disquiet among the workers.

Pablo, 40, works his brother’s land in Guadalupe Hidalgo, a town in San Lorenzo Cacaotepec.

“Once there I don’t know what they’ll tell us, or do to us. When we were interviewed [for the job], we were told we would have all our papers and that we would be treated the same as [other workers], but who knows,” he told Milenio.

Whatever the outcome, Pablo wants to make a good impression and, if possible, return next year. He already has plans for the fruit of his American dream: “I currently rent, and need to build my own house.”

Pablo’s dream may come true because according to the federal labor service, part of the Labor Secretariat, the demand for farm workers from Oaxaca has nearly doubled this year over last.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    The Khazarians grift-machine in a nutshell: Steal the people’s bank deposits, produce counterfeit fiat atop of that, create as many debt serfs as possible, use Wall Street to steal every American’s pension, and export the manufacturing base and import serfs to keep the music playing as long as possible.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • pedrochapala

    hopefully the yanquis will smarten up and do more of this but i doubt it under catapillar hair.

    • miabeach

      The senator is right about the wall and I think we should put a bright mirror finish on the Mexican side of the wall, let the Mexican people be reminded it’s their wall due to their failures. When Mexicans look at the wall they’ll see themselves. No need to wall off Canada and we practically built a bridge from Florida to Cuba but for Mexico we have to build a wall. Newsflash Mexico: it’s not us, it’s you.

      This was made possible because the Mexican government finally got involved and helped Mexicans soured legal work permits. No welfare, no food stamps, we are not forced to educate their children and feed them twice a day, instead they come to work, make money and go home. Legal. LEGAL. ITS A NEW CONCEPT TO MEXICO BUT YOULL GET USED TO IT.

      • Charliej

        Why don’t you crawl back under your rock and shut your ignorant mouth. You right wing trash should know that no sane person pays any attention to the hate that you spew.

        • 101st

          The pot call’n the kettle black.

      • 101st

        Considering the majority of illegals are people from many countries, who came to the US with visas (work/school/vacation) and never left, you are bark’n up the wrong tree.

  • woodsusa

    The president here is not racist, certainly not to the extent that Obama is.

    • Charliej

      No, Trump is not racist. He is not trying to be a dictator either. His followers are pure trash for believing what the cheeto headed bastard says. Trump is dumber than a box of rocks, but he is still smarter than his followers.

    • Mandy

      Trump is a racist annnndddd a big ole cheeto dick.

  • 101st

    This is great. Much like the Bracero program of years past (Cesar Chavez).

  • Tom Mayer

    I just hope ICE will first let them into the US and then leave them along. It is a very racist organization what I have seen Bush International Airport in Houston.