gabino cue There was no such agreement, says Cué.

Promotions will not be protest-based

Oaxaca responds: teachers need not attend protest marches to advance

Oaxaca’s state institute of education (IEEPO) has declared invalid a scheme for promoting teachers based on how many union protests they have attended.

The federal Institute for the Evaluation of Education wrote Gov. Gabino Cué last week to advise that it would not allow the practice whereby teachers could advance to administrative posts if they had attended 80% of regional and national protest marches.

IEEPO head Moisés Robles said the practice would be illegal and was therefore invalid.

The radical teachers’ union CNTE has said the promotion plan had been part of an agreement reached earlier this year.

But Gov. Cué broke his silence on the issue today by denying that any such agreement with the teachers’ union had been reached. He said it was illogical that the union should speak of an accord that could not exist because it would violate the constitution.

The governor also expressed regret that Oaxaca was becoming a “one-issue state,” preoccupied with issues regarding teachers. But he did say it was his main concern “because there is no development if education is not looked after.”

Meanwhile, the teachers are on the march today in Oaxaca, shutting down various department stores and a gas station to support their demand that a new state education law be approved. About 200 Oaxaca teachers are also marching in Mexico City from the Monumento a la Revolución to the offices of the Interior Secretariat.

Normalistas, or teachers in training, mounted their own protest to demand automatic teaching positions upon graduation. To make their point they stole several transit buses.

Education reforms that went into effect this year require prospective teachers to undergo evaluation before they can be hired.

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