The president incorporated the rainbow flag into his Twitter avatar yesterday. The president incorporated the rainbow flag into his Twitter avatar yesterday.

Proposal legalizes same-sex marriage

Campaigns against homophobia, anti-discrimination policies also announced

Same-sex marriage will be legal throughout Mexico if a proposal presented yesterday by President Enrique Peña Nieto wins approval by Congress.


The president announced the constitutional and civil code changes on the International Day Against Homophobia, introducing plans designed to eliminate official discrimination against same-sex couples.

The proposal would add the term “equal marriage” to the fourth constitutional article, allowing all willing and consenting citizens “to marry without being discriminated for ethnic, national, disability, social condition, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.”

Peña Nieto also said that the federal government will review, modify and, if appropriate, abolish all federal, local and administrative regulations that are discriminatory. The Center for Research in Teaching and Economics (CIDE) and the Law Research Institute of UNAM, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, will collaborate with the government in that process.

The president also announced that his administration will assume a strong stance to fight against discrimination and homophobia.

His cabinet, he added, has been instructed to create national campaigns against homophobia while the Education Secretariat was instructed to assess educational plans and create a space within them to promote respect towards diversity.

The Health Secretariat was charged with preventing discrimination at all levels of the health care system, while the national medical service, IMSS, will have to review its bylaws to allow same-sex couple beneficiaries to receive social security services in an efficient manner.


The definition of marriage in the federal civil code will be modified, replacing the current one, “a union of one man and one woman,” with “the union between two persons.”

The new policies against discrimination will also apply to trans-gender individuals. Mexican federal laws will be modified, enabling the minority sector full legal recognition of their gender identity in official identification documents, including passports issued domestically and by embassies and consulates abroad.

Mexico will also be adding a specialized group on the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-gender and intersexual people to its team at the United Nations.

According to Gloria Careaga, a researcher at the Gender Studies Program of UNAM, Mexico is the second most homophobic country in the world in terms of homophobia-related crime, second only to Brazil.

Non-governmental organizations claim that between 1996 and 2015, 1,218 homophobic homicides were committed in Mexico. They say that for every reported and documented case, there are three or four more that are not reported or prosecuted.

Careaga said that homophobia in Mexico is closely tied to misogyny and machismo, and that all stem from an idealized stereotype of masculinity. When society assigns certain exclusive characteristics to men and women, those who don’t comply are then marginalized, questioned and attacked.

“You’re being observed and watched over, and the way you speak, move and express yourself is criticized; it’s an exaggerated social surveillance,” she said.

Same-sex marriage came under the spotlight last year when the Supreme Court ruled that state laws defining marriage as “the union between a man and a woman with the only purpose being procreation” were unconstitutional.

Same-sex marriages are currently legal in Mexico City, Campeche, Jalisco, Coahuila, Quintana Roo, Colima, Nayarit and Chihuahua.

Source: Milenio (sp), Noticias MVS (sp), NotieSe (sp)

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  • James Smith

    “can’t let those stinking gringos get ahead of us on that race to the gates of gomorrah, now can we? we mexicans have a duty to show those yankee-gringo perverts that we can be just as licentious, immoral and disgusting as are they! the national honor of mexico is at stake here!”

    • Charliej

      Aw, are you having a bad day, Jimmy. It will just get worse. Religious bigots are no longer allowed free rein to peddle their hatred and bigotry. If that upsets you, too damn bad.

      • James Smith

        no what upsets me is that the local crazy house obviously let you out on a furlough pass. very foolish of them. very foolish.

    • PintorEnMexico

      Jesus, lil jimmy, you’re so senile you can’t keep your lies and personalities straight. Here’s what you said as your alternate personality, Henry Wilson/Josh Duggar – “Mexican government attitude on social and moral issues: “Hey! We can’t let those damned Gringos get ahead of us on these issues, now can we?”

      As if we needed more proof of your lies:

      • James Smith

        i wish i had as much free time on my hands as obviously do you. but then i guess the old folks home made a big mistake when they let the Alzheimer folks start playing with the computers. sad, really. pathetic, actually.

  • Better to establish “civil unions” with pretty much all rights of marriage included. But leave the marriage word out of it.

    • Establishing different but “pretty much all the rights of marriage” is not equality. It is discrimination to assign second class status to people. Article 4 of the Constitution which already prohibits discrimination for “sexual preference” is considered a human right. The intent here is to assure equal rights for everyone in society.

      • Alas, Glen, we’ll have to view this issue from different perspectives.

  • President Peña Nieto is making the correct move forward; discrimination needs to be left in the past. Mexico already has separation of Church and State, with many people opting for civil marriage only. This change respects religions who make their own rules about marriage. No religion will be required to change to meet the rules of the State. Why should the State follow the rules of a religion?

  • TioDon

    Don’t let him do it……the gays are NEVER satisfied. Next up…”we want to be able to use the (your) little girl’s room even though I’m a 32 year old pedofile”…..Gays are never satisfied!!!!!

    • PintorEnMexico

      So you think homosexuals and transsexuals are more likely to abuse your little girl than anyone else?

      • TioDon

        Of course…..

        • PintorEnMexico

          Well, in your christo-nazi bubble I’m sure it looks that way. If you ever do any actual research outside of the bible you’ll find out that your little girl has way more to fear from her tio or her teacher than a stranger.

          • TioDon

            jejeje…I bet a friend a cold beer you’d use the “nazi” word for sure….you libs are so predictable….what’s the problem, Pintor, been looking forward to being able to use the little girl’s room?????

          • PintorEnMexico

            Facts on pedophilia? Research on pedophilia? I thought so. Josh Duggar even knows more than you.

          • Jungle Cat

            True Statement Tio

          • Al Cantwell

            Children are more likely to be abused – – sexually, physically, emotionally – – in their own homes by their own family members and/or family friends than anywhere else. Churches probably come in at second place. I haven’t heard of any case of sexual abuse originating in a public rest room.

      • doximom

        Nobody said that. But for the few who might, why make it easier?

    • doximom

      Agree. This makes me sad. Mexico was always known as a Catholic country and this certainly isn’t consistent with the Catholic church, or any other Christian church.

      • PintorEnMexico

        Yeah, like Catholic church has never enabled and covered up pedophilia. You want to reduce child molestation, ban all priests from public restrooms….