A police vehicle burns in Palenque. A police vehicle burns in Palenque.

Protest turns violent; Coppel store looted

Protesters vandalize municipal offices in Palenque during march against reforms

Forty-three people have been arrested after a demonstration against education and energy reforms turned ugly in Palenque, Chiapas, on Tuesday.

Municipal offices were vandalized and set on fire, a police vehicle was burned and a Coppel department store was looted.

Mayor Carlos Morelos Rodríguez said a protest organized by the farmers’ organization MOCRI was infiltrated by men who carried out the vandalism and encouraged onlookers to help themselves to the Coppel store’s inventory.

The store said in a statement that 80%-90% of its merchandise was stolen. State officials said they have videos showing people leaving the store with electronics, clothing, mattresses and even refrigerators.

The protest was joined by members of the CNTE teachers’ union and government health workers and was among several in the state, where commercial centers were occupied.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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