diabetes vaccine announced Press conference at which the diabetes treatment was announced.

Public duped by news of diabetes treatment

Health agency says there is no vaccine for the disease

A vaccine that would halt and even reverse diabetes was announced at a press conference in Mexico City on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the office of one of the promoters of the treatment was shut down by Cofepris, the Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risk, whose director said no such vaccine has been authorized and that the public was being deceived.

The Live Your Diabetes Foundation and the Association for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases claimed not to have created a cure for diabetes but a treatment that had produced improvement in all the cases where it had been tried.

Foundation president Salvador Chacón Ramírez and association president Lucila Zárate Ortega credited Dr. Jorge González Ramírez with developing the treatment, called Autohemotherapy.

It entails taking blood from the patient, mixing it with saline solution and refrigerating it. The patient is then injected with the mixture, which little by little halts and even reverses diabetes, according to its proponents, who said it represented a possible treatment for embolisms, hearing loss and other issues.

Cofepris director Mikel Arriola said the Live Your Diabetes Foundation was not a foundation at all but a ruse to deceive the public, and that criminal charges would follow.

He said steps are being taken to ensure that people know the so-called vaccine is not officially registered and that its sale is illegal.

Its promoters’ websites have been disabled since Cofepris responded to the treatment’s announcement.

Since 2000, diabetes mellitus has been the chief cause of death among women, and the second among men. It was estimated to have caused 83,000 death in Mexico in 2010.

Source: Milenio (sp), Excélsior (sp)

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