One of two cable car towers under construction in Puebla. One of two cable car towers during their construction in Puebla.

Puebla’s cable cars ready December 20

The 660-meter aerial tramway will carry passengers over attractions in Los Fuertes

Puebla’s new cable car system, already more than a year behind schedule, has been delayed once again as authorities needed a bit more time to finish the project.

But it’s not the the construction of the aerial tramway that’s caused the delay, it’s cleaning up the vistas that cable car passengers will see during the 660-meter ride over parks and attractions in the Los Fuertes de Loreto y Guadalupe area of the city.

The state government decided to invest an additional 43 million pesos to clean roofs and do some restoration work in order to improve the view. An official said the inauguration, which had been scheduled for December 15, will be December 20 instead.

The 166-million-peso project began in 2013 and was supposed to have been finished a year ago. The cable cars, each of which will hold 35 people, will run between a 68-meter tower in the Centro Expositor and another of 60 meters at Calzada Ignacio Zaragoza.

A new park is also part of the project.

Source: Milenio (sp), Unión Puebla (sp)

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