Carlos Slim's foundation donated the lion's share of earthquake relief funds. Carlos Slim's foundation donated the lion's share of earthquake relief funds.

Earthquake donations total 3.4 billion pesos

Over 5 billion pesos for rebuilding have been distributed to victims

Mexico received donations for earthquake relief of more than 3.4 billion pesos (US $177 million) from domestic and international sources as of December 5.

The Senate’s Belisario Domínguez Institute reported that 69.5% of that amount was donated by the Carlos Slim Foundation. The federal government and the business sector contributed 7.6% through the Fuerza México initiative and other contributions made up the remainder.

Meanwhile, the president’s office reported last week that over 5.3 billion pesos in reconstruction funds have been distributed through Bansefi debit cards to victims of the September earthquakes. Of that amount, over 2.5 billion pesos have already been spent by beneficiaries.

The same report stated that more than 20,000 dwellings have been demolished since the quakes on September 7 and 19, at a cost of over 738 million pesos.

The federation has also provided more than 8,000 people with technical assistance for reconstruction.

The monumental reconstruction effort also entails repairs to more than 17,000 public schools but such projects will extend well into the administration of the next president.

The same goes for 1,821 heritage buildings in 11 states, where preservation and restoration work will not finish before 2020. At least 120 million pesos will be needed to complete the task.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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