Querétaro's Congress: no more fuero. Querétaro's Congress: no more fuero.

Querétaro eliminates immunity for officials

Legislators eliminate the fuero, a privilege that provides immunity from prosecution

Querétaro has become the second state in Mexico to eliminate the fuero, a privilege that grants immunity against prosecution to government officials.


Deputy Héctor Iván Magaña Rentería, author of the initiative, said that from now on no public official will be able to utilize the fuero to evade justice.

“The commission of crimes by any government official will now be prosecuted and penalized in the terms established by criminal laws” said Magaña.

The governor, deputies, judges, the attorney general, mayors and officials at autonomous agencies will all be subject to prosecution for criminal activity.

“This initiative empowers the people of Querétaro and removes impunity,” said Magaña.

“With this reform we say out with the fuero, which had become synonymous with impunity, privilege and prerogative. That’s all over,” declared Magaña.

Jalisco is the only other state to have done away with the fuero. In the rest of the  states, and at the federal level, it is Congress that decides if an official’s immunity is to be removed when facing criminal charges.

The Congress of Querétaro based its decision to reform and modify several state laws on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which establishes that all human beings are born free and equal, with no distinction.

Source: Reforma (sp), Red Política (sp)

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  • Gabriel Heiser

    Yay! Hope it spreads eventually to all the states.

  • James Smith

    good for them. many businesses from monterrey have relocated to queretaro as it has, so far, a relatively low crime rate and from what i am told the local police are much more honest than most other cities.