Governor gives a wave during yesterday's spending announcement. Governor gives a wave during yesterday's spending announcement. rotativo

Querétaro plans more public works spending

Governor announces 50 million pesos for infrastructure in El Marqués

Further investment in municipal infrastructure by the government of Querétaro was announced this week, this time for the municipality of El Marqués.

Governor Francisco Domínguez Servién said yesterday the state will provide 50 million pesos (US $2.8 million) for 71 public works projects for the benefit 14 communities in El Marqués, focusing on roads and sidewalks and water, drainage and sewage networks.

“There’s honest, working people here. El Marqués has given a lot to industry development, we see the airport and the industrial parks and thousands of jobs, but there’s a lot of unemployed people, and it is them we must go after, the poorest who have been forgotten,” said Domínguez.

The plan also entails upgrading highway infrastructure connecting the Querétaro’s 18 municipalities.

Domínguez said the state infrastructure commission is investing 167 million pesos ($9.4 million) in the first stage of work on state highway 200, which will upgrade a three-kilometer stretch and include the construction of a bridge, an underpass and sidewalks.

The governor also announced the start of the construction of two more lanes at the intersection of state highways 210 and 500, representing an investment of 117 million pesos ($6.7 million).

El Marqúes

“Three kilometers are to be upgraded and will include a bike path and a linear park, as well as an overpass,” said Domínguez.

Earlier this month it was announced that 256 million pesos ($14.4 million) would be invested in projects ranging from road repairs to housing in the municipality of San Juan del Río.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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