auto theft Automotive theft numbers broke a record.

Record-breaking year for automotive theft

Thefts up 27% to more than 90,000 vehicles stolen

Homicide figures broke a record last year but it was also a bad one in terms of automotive theft, a crime that increased by 27%.

The number of vehicles stolen surged to 90,187 units last year, up from 70,925 in 2016, the director general of the Association of Mexican Insurance Institutions (AMIS) reported.

“These are the highest figures in historical terms . . .” asserted Recaredo Arias Jiménez at a press conference, observing that the numbers include transport trucks.

Vehicle theft represented financial losses of 11.3 billion pesos (over US $614 million) in 2016, but in 2017 that figure rose to 14.4 billion pesos (almost $781 million).

In general terms, the most vehicles were stolen in México state — more than 26,000, representing an increase of 21% over 2016.

More than 12,000 vehicles were stolen in Jalisco, while Mexico City recorded over 10,500, increases of 42% and 21%, respectively.

Jalisco surpassed Mexico City for the first time, Arias observed. Until last year the city had consistently been in second place.

Almost two-thirds of all auto thefts were violent.

Guerrero topped that list with nearly 83%, followed by Sinaloa with 77%, México state with 75%, Tlaxcala with 73% and Puebla, just over 71%.

The most popular vehicles among thieves are Nissan-made pickup trucks and the auto maker’s Tsuru, Versa and Sentra models, as well as the General Motors Aveo.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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