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Regularizing teachers will cost 1bn pesos

Oaxaca education workers had been hired under the previous system

A decision by the new government of the state of Oaxaca to regularize 3,699 education employees hired by the dissident CNTE teachers’ union will cost 1 billion pesos (US $48 million).


The amount will cover salaries and other costs for 2,401 teachers and 1,298 administrative employees who were hired by the Oaxaca union local Section 22 two years ago, but weren’t officially recognized by the state government util now.

The employees were hired under the old scheme operated by Section 22, under which teaching and administrative positions were inherited or sold.

As a result, many of the workers who are to be regularized were undergraduate teacher students, or normalistas, while others had completed their studies in areas other than education. However, all have been at the head of a classroom for at least two years and will be recognized as education professionals.

Two of the conditions set by the federal Education Secretariat and the state government to recognize the staff as teachers was that they not miss any classes and that they must be evaluated, according to the law.

After being regularized, the people employed in teaching positions will be hired under a temporary contract, pending their passing the mandatory performance tests, said the state government.

However, the leadership of Section 22 continues to to maintain its stand that the performance evaluations, part of the broader education reforms introduced three years ago by the federal administration, will not be enforced in Oaxaca.


Section 22 chief Rubén Núñez asserted that the regularization of the 3,699 workers doesn’t mean the CNTE is accepting those reforms, or that the 2,401 people employed as teachers will be evaluated.

“We’ve never accepted evaluation. [The regularized employees] must be hired under the presumption that they are teachers,” Núñez told the newspaper Reforma.

“We’ve put the issue of the evaluations on the table. We’ve never refused to be evaluated . . . but it has to be an evaluation structured by us.”

“More than an admission or punitive evaluation, it has to be a permanent one, like the kind we’ve developed to assess our own performance,” he explained.

With regard to the upcoming December 15 and 16 admission evaluations for aspiring teachers in Oaxaca, Núñez said that Section 22 supports the state’s teachers-in-training.

“We support the normalistas’ position: immediate employment for 100% of the graduates of the 11 normal schools in the state.” (Teacher training colleges are known as normal schools.)

Source: Reforma (sp)

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