'We're missing five,' proclaims poster. 'We're missing five,' proclaims poster.

Remains of 2 missing identified in Veracruz

They were among five who disappeared in Tierra Blanca January 11

The remains of two of the five young people who disappeared in Veracruz January 11 have been found.

Forensics experts have determined that bones and blood stains discovered by police dogs on a ranch in the municipality of Tlalixcoyan were those of Bernardo Benítez Arroniz and Alfredo González Díaz.

They were among a group of five friends who had driven to the city of Veracruz to celebrate the birthday of one of them. While returning to their homes in Playa Vicente they were stopped by state police in Tierra Blanca.

It is believed the police arrested all five and turned them over to a crime gang, suspected to be the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación, with which the police were operating in collusion.

Seven police officers, one of them a chief, and three civilians have been jailed in connection with the kidnapping. The state prosecutor said January 19 that three of the officers and the chief had failed evaluation and trust tests but had remained in their posts regardless.

At the ranch where the remains were found, called El Limón, investigators found evidence of drug processing, equipment to make alterations to motor vehicles and petroleum storage facilities.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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