Artist's conception of Nvbola. Artist's conception of Nvbola.

Residential tower will be Mexico’s tallest

198-meter Nvbola is being built in record time in Puebla

What will be the tallest residential building in Mexico is rising in the city of Puebla, where the 198-meter Nvbola is being described as an iconic real estate development.


The 41-story tower in the Sonata district of the city will have 174 apartments on 31 floors, topped by three floors of amenities such as a semi-Olympic pool on the 40th floor, making it one of the highest swimming pools in the world.

A heliport, a restaurant and tennis courts will also be among the amenities located at the top of the building. At the other end, Nvbola will feature two levels of commercial space and four levels of offices.

Other special features of the project are the 3.6-meter-high ceilings in the apartments and the speed with which it is being built, described as a record for a building of its size. It is anticipated that the construction firm Portensa will finish Nvbola in November 2017, three years and 10 months after the work began.

The building, which will be among the 10 tallest towers in Mexico, was described this week as being 70% complete.

Architect Luis González Arenal, president of the Puebla College of Architects, said a project the size of Nvbola would normally take five to seven years to finish.

The developer of the project is Puebla-based Blueicon.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Epazote

    Hmmm, I am not sure that speed is a benefit in an area of intense seismic and volcanic activity. What corners are they cutting to get it built in half the usual time? I would ask to see the safety plans and get an inspection of the bowels of the building before I would ever live there…..

    • My thoughts precisely. I don’t think I’d want to live in a high-rise built “in record time.”

    • Fred Alexander

      They probably left out the elevator to complete the project in record time.

  • Bob in exile

    Enjoy Life amigo… you have to die sometimes. Even the WTC went down. Anyway I don’t think I cab afford an apartment there. I bet Pizza Hut won’t deliver to the top floor.