Warning sign to criminals and graffiti artists in San Pablo del Monte. Warning sign to criminals and graffiti artists in San Pablo del Monte.

Residents have had it with crime and graffiti

They have decided that artists and thieves will be lynched

Thieves and graffiti artists beware: you’ll be lynched if you don’t behave yourselves in San Pablo del Monte, a municipality in the south of the state of Tlaxcala.

Residents say they are fed up with those who dedicate themselves to painting graffiti on homes and businesses, gates and walls, churches and schools.

They’ve also had enough of bands of criminals who go after small businesses such as the taquería on Calle Pablo Sidar.

“They even stole the meat for the tacos; that was the last straw,” said José Luis Xahuantitla.

Residents believe there is a link between the crime and the graffiti, that the artists are members of criminal gangs behind the crime in the area.

So they’ve decided that lynching is the solution.

Signs have been erected by “organized neighbors.”

“Thief and graffiti artist: if we catch you we are not going to turn you in to the authorities, we’re going to lynch you.”

Residents accuse the municipality of failing to meet its obligation to guarantee security and prevent antisocial conduct. And although a new government is soon to take office, they are not hopeful that anything will change: the political team behind the current mayor supported his successor for election.

San Pablo is located next to the Puebla municipality of San Miguel Canoa, where residents have also been known to take the law into their own hands.

For the state’s Government Secretary, Ernesto Ordóñez Carrera, the situation is worrisome and one that officials are keeping an eye on, or perhaps an ear.

A rapid ringing of the church bells in San Pablo del Monte is the signal for residents that a lynching may be about to happen.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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