One of the three restaurants that have been closed. One of the three restaurants that have been closed.

Restaurants closed as Tláhuac mayor probed

The three have been linked to Mayor Sagrado, under investigation for illicit enrichment

The investigation of a Mexico City borough chief for illicit enrichment and narco connections led to the closure yesterday of two more restaurants that have been linked to him.


Located in in the state of Querétaro, the two were shut down in a collaborative effort between the state governments as a probe continues into the activities of Tláhuac Mayor Rigoberto Salgado.

Both were called La Carreta del Pacífico; one was located in the state capital and the second in El Pueblito, located in the adjoining municipality of Corregidora. Both restaurants were managed by relatives of Salgado.

The closures were ordered by state authorities on the grounds that neither had valid Civil Protection operation permits nor were they authorized to sell alcoholic beverages.

During the raid on El Pueblito a private security firm was found operating without official authorization, and several employees were allegedly under the influence of a drug.

Authorities closed the first restaurant, also called La Carreta del Pacífico and located in Tláhuac, last Saturday. It was operated by a niece of Mayor Salgado.

Affiliated with the Morena party, Salgado took office as Tláhuac borough chief in October 2015. He is alleged to have had ties with criminal kingpin Felipe de Jesús “El Ojos” Pérez Luna, who was killed in a confrontation with security forces on July 20.

Sagrado has denied the accusations.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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