The winners, confirmed or apparent: del Mazo, Riquelme and Echevarría. The winners, confirmed or apparent: del Mazo, Riquelme and Echevarría.

Results challenged in México state, Coahuila

Morena charges election fraud in State of México, PAN and other parties in Coahuila

Election officials in two states have confirmed what the preliminary results had predicted: the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) will continue to hold the governor’s office in the State of México and the National Action Party (PAN) scored a win in Nayarit.

In Coahuila, where results will not be confirmed until tomorrow, the PRI also looks likely to win.

In the State of México pre-election pollsters predicted it would be a close race between the PRI’s Alfredo del Mazo and Morena’s Delfina Gómez, and they were correct.

Del Mazo was declared governor-elect yesterday with 33.69% of the vote, leading Morena’s Delfina Gómez by 2.78%, a difference of about 170,000 votes.

But Morena leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador has called for an annulment of the vote in five districts — Valle de Bravo, Ixtlahuaca, Tejupilco, Atlacomulco and Jilotepec, charging electoral fraud.

He said voter turnout state-wide was barely over 50% but in those five districts it was 65%, which he charged was an indication of vote-buying, ballot box stuffing or falsification of the results.

The PRI obtained about 380,000 votes in those districts while Morena earned about 160,000.

“We don’t accept the official result . . . we maintain that Delfina Gómez won,” said López Obrador.

In Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme, the candidate for a coalition of the PRI and several other parties, appears to be the winner of the election for governor with 38.19% of the vote, beating the PAN’s Guillermo Anaya by 2.44%.

In this case, Morena was a distant third with just 11.99%, but well ahead of the other left-wing party, the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), which scored only 1.67% of the vote.

Anaya claims that if the results stand it will be “the biggest election fraud ever committed in the history of Coahuila.”

The PAN candidate, who has teamed up with other opposition candidates to unite as the Front for the Dignity of Coahuila, has called for the election to be annulled, a proposal that has been rejected by the state’s electoral institute.

Although the PRI appears headed to continue governing, the vote went the other way in the state Congress. For the first time in the state’s history the governing party will not hold a majority.

That has gone to the Citizens’ Alliance for Coahuila, which won nine of the 16 seats while the PRI trailed with seven.

The PRI gained in the capital city of Saltillo by winning back the mayor’s office, currently held by the National Action Party. In all the PRI won 27 of the state’s 38 municipalities.

In Nayarit, the candidate representing a coalition of the PAN, PRD and other parties was a clear winner. Antonio Echevarría García handily beat the PRI’s Manuel Cota Jiménez.

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