A scene from the controversial video. A scene from the video about a rich girl voting for a left-wing party.

‘Rich girl’ professes her support for AMLO

But his party denies having had any part of controversial video

The race for the presidency is shaping up to be a musical one and the latest entry, while falling well short of that by nine-year-old Yuawi in terms of virality, is making waves.

But the political party it supports wants no part of it.

Niña Bien, or “rich girl,” is a nearly-three-minute professional video in which the “rich girl” professes her support for the left-wing party known as Morena and proposes it’s time for a change.

“Even if I am a rich girl I’m going to vote for you know who,” goes the chorus of the catchy reggaeton tune in a video that features suggestive dance scenes, the rich girl in her luxury car and her father (a National Action Party supporter) dragging her from the church.

It was there (one report said it was the church of San Sebastián Mártir in Mexico City) that much of the video was filmed.

At one point the priest sings in rap style: “The vote is like virginity, you don’t give it to someone who defends impunity.”

Credits on the video indicate it was made at the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Guadalajara where supposedly the protagonist, Almudena Ortíz Monasterio, is a student and the film her class project.

But the school disassociated itself from the video and its content. And Morena’s Jalisco office said it had nothing to do with them, calling it vulgar and charging it was part of the “dirty war” being conducted in the lead-up to the election.

Among young voters, however, it might have won over a few more votes for Morena and its populist leader, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, popularly known as AMLO.

Source: EFE (sp)


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