Artist's conception of the new Ritz-Carlton in Mexico City. Artist's conception of the new Ritz-Carlton in Mexico City.

Ritz-Carlton welcomed and quickly shuttered

Officials halt construction after mayor announces the US $100-million project

Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera welcomed the arrival of a new Ritz-Carlton luxury hotel this week, only to see his administration suspend the project a few hours later.

Mancera announced the US $100-million hotel will be situated on Paseo de la Reforma next to the Torre Mayor in the Chapultepec Uno project.

But the local Interior Secretariat said it had suspended construction because its builders had failed to comply with Civil Protection office guidelines and had not obtained permission from the borough chief’s office to occupy two streets during construction.

Facilities have been constructed on Río Ródano for the delivery of construction supplies while three elevators were installed on Río Atoyac.

City officials said that whenever there were deliveries all vehicular and foot traffic was halted for the duration.

Interior Secretary Patricia Mercado put a positive spin on the hotel announcement and the project’s suspension having occurred the same day by describing it as “good coincidence.”

She denied any lack of coordination between government departments and said what happened indicates that while the city’s policy is to encourage investment it is also committed to guaranteeing public safety.

Chapultepec Uno is a 58-story mixed-use building that will also house apartments and offices in an area the mayor described as one of the most important business districts of the country.

The 153-room hotel will occupy floors 35 to 47.

The mayor said the project would create 1,000 jobs during its construction stage and a similar number upon completion, which is expected in 2019.

It will be the first Ritz-Carlton hotel in Mexico City and the third luxury hotel for Paseo de la Reforma.

The mayor noted that 26 new hotels have been built in Mexico City during the nearly five years of his administration, giving the city 629 hotels that offer a total of 51,700 rooms in all price categories.

Still, he continued, the city’s hotel capacity has been overwhelmed during events such as the Formula 1 race and National Football League games.

He added that in the last five years the number of yearly visitors has increased from 11.5 million to 13 million.

Source: Milenio (sp), Expansión (sp)

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