Barbara McClatchie Andrews Andrews: 'lively, vital person.'

Robbery was motive in photographer’s killing

Arrest order issued for taxi driver suspected in slaying of Canadian in Yucatán

Robbery is believed to have been the motive in the killing of a Canadian photographer and artist Friday in Yucatán.


The state Attorney General’s office said Barbara McClatchie Andrews was killed by a taxi driver whom she had contracted to drive her from the airport in Cancún to her home in Mérida.

The native of Vancouver, Canada, was returning from a trip to Canada and had advised her housekeeper she was on her way from Cancún.

Her body was found Friday by the roadside on the Cancún-Mérida highway near Hacienda Teya. Authorities said there were signs she had been beaten and strangled to death with the cord of a camera.

Investigators turned up Sunday morning in Kinchil, a town just outside Mérida, to search the home of the suspect. Neighbors told reporters that they conducted a meticulous search of the house and property “looking for something.”

Andrews, 74, was described by a longtime friend as a “fascinating and lively and vital person.” Eva Boyd of Maple Ridge, Canada, described the victim as a “blur of activity” who disliked being still and traveled to obscure parts of distant countries. She told the newspaper The Globe and Mail that Andrews was fearless.

Boyd said her friend was a vocal defender of Mexico, “and would rail against the media for its exaggerations; she would say it’s a perfectly safe place.”


Vancouver artist Rodney Clark told CBC News that Andrews will be missed for her sense of humor and vibrant, outgoing nature. He said some news reports had described her as “elderly,” a term that missed the mark.

“She was an absolute hoot. [She] just loved life. I’ve met 30-year-olds I would consider more elderly.”

Andrews opened a non-profit gallery for emerging artists in 2007 in Mérida’s historic center, which she continued to operate.

Friend and Mérida artist Carlos Duran said her death was “very strange. This is a very peaceful community. This is not an everyday event, that someone gets murdered,” he said. “We want to make sure that this crime does not go unpunished.”

Andrews leaves a son, Julian Andrews, and a brother, Sam McClatchie.

Source: SIPSE (sp), CBC (en), Globe and Mail (en)

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  • James Smith

    amazing how fast the criminal justice system can work when the victim is a canadian, asian or a european. now if a mexican or even a gringo….no big deal, huh?

    • Aww, Jim. That ain’t right.

      • James Smith

        hey…..when a non american foreigner staying at a resort in cancun, puerto vallara, etc., is hammered by some creep, that dude is in jail before he can spend the stolen money. if it happens to a gringo…a big laugh for the cops.

    • Jumex

      I think it has to do with who is watching. The entire world is looking at this, when this happens they usually have a person charged in 48 hours(before the articles dies off).

      Sometimes it makes me wonder if they just grab someone/anyone to show the media.

      • James Smith

        I have heard that from others. the joke among mexicans is if you want the cops to arrest someone for committing a crime against your family member just claim the family member was a foreigner. otherwise….forget it. I maintain that you must be more specific however for naming the victim as an american won’t do the job.

  • PintorEnMexico

    “James Smith” is so easy to refute. Near where I live, a week ago a Mexican couple was found murdered in grizzly fashion. W/in a week their nephew was arrested for hiring a hit man to do the deed. Any clean closure of a case in Mexico is something to celebrate.

  • Barbara

    My sincere condolences to Barbara Andrew’s family. My thoughts and prayers are with them at such a difficult time.

  • An instance of wrong place, wrong time for her, I think.

  • lang_eddy

    Mexico is a safe place, regardless of what Mr. James Smith states…..his home country, and his home state..Texas is far worst than any state in Mexico….I do not go to the USA at any time because of its corruption…..give me Mexico anytime….and to hell with James Smith

    • Merwin Green

      You don’t know a thing about the USA mister lang_eddy. Studies show that Mexico is the 2nd. most corrupt country with Brazil being the most corrupt country on earth.

  • Jumex

    “she would say it’s a perfectly safe place.”

    Another gringo that lives in walled gardens and ivory towers who never has to struggle in the real Mexico. Until one unlucky day.

    • Merwin Green

      Not true mister! You Mexicans live in a fantasy world thinking just because a person is not from Mexico that they are rich, that’s crazy thinking.

      • Jumex

        Foreigners have enough to live separate from us. = They do not have to work 60hours a week for enough to live in a unsecured ghetto.

        They are free from making a survival from our economy.=s Rich to most locals trapped in a whole different reality of day to day survival.

        • Merwin Green

          Dream on dream on! I have to live a a ghetto also here in Mexico.