Helicopter with a hole in its fuselage. Helicopter with a hole in its fuselage.

Rocket hits helicopter in president’s fleet

Oaxaca protesters fire on helicopters carrying Peña Nieto, staff and reporters

Demonstrators in Oaxaca fired rockets today at helicopters carrying President Enrique Peña Nieto and an entourage of staff and reporters, puncturing the fuselage of one of the aircraft. No one was hurt.


Members of the dissident CNTE teachers’ union had gathered at the site of Oaxaca city’s new convention center to protest the visit by Peña Nieto, who flew in earlier this afternoon by helicopter to preside over the center’s official opening.

As the presidential entourage descended, protesters fired several rockets of the type used for religious and other celebrations. One struck the aircraft carrying reporters and government personnel and punctured the glass cockpit near the feet of the pilots.

The rocket exploded inside the aircraft, filling it with smoke. The pilot ascended and moved away from the area before landing again.

The teachers’ union, in its continuing protest against federal education reforms, fired rockets earlier at state police who had surrounded the convention center. Police returned the fire with tear gas.

Three police officers were wounded by rockets.

During the ceremony later Peña Nieto condemned the violence and defended the reforms.

“Change always brings resistance,” he said.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • Gerald R Meyers

    you have to be a very good shot to hit something with those type of rockets, must have been luck.

  • G.b. Adams

    This is becoming a sick joke! What kind of second rate banana republic puts up with this crap year after year?

  • Happy Girl

    These people are not teachers…They are not a union…They are home grown terrorists. What type of union fires fireworks at helicopters??? Imagine if they had hit his helicopter and killed him. It is (way past) time to arrest the leaders of this criminal union. They shut down highways, beat up people, threaten politicians…why? Because the government wants teachers to pass a basic efficiency test.Can you imagine people getting a job without qualifications? These uneducated teachers pay this union for these jobs.Who suffers? The children…Mexico’s future.

    • Teaching is their part-time gig.

    • Beau

      If you must know, the leader of the Teacher’s Union is in jail…..for fraud and illicit enrichment. The people of Mexico are sick of EPN and his cronies.

    • Pete Larson

      I couldn’t agree more with you and G.B. Adams! This situation is beyond the pale and these hoodlums (which is what they are) belong in jail. Ya basta!!!!

    • Paxton

      Your source? I m not sure this is true.
      In reality it is the government in Oaxaca that is corrupt and not funding education.

      • Jay

        Reading is your friend. To get you started on CNTE … maybe look up
        elba esther gordillo