roger waters Waters will also perform at Foro Sol.

Roger Waters to offer free zócalo concert

Pink Floyd co-founder will visit Mexico City next week

The co-founder of the British rock band Pink Floyd will give a free concert October 1 in Mexico City’s zócalo.


Roger Waters, who is already scheduled to give concerts in the city on September 28 and 29 at Foro Sol, announced the free event on his Twitter account today.

The concert is being sponsored by the Mexico City government and AT&T, among others.

During his visit to Mexico the 73-year-old British musician will also present a documentary entitled The Occupation of the American Mind: Israel’s Public Relations War in the United States.

Narrated by Waters, the film examines American media coverage of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. The screening will take place September 30 at the Cineteca Nacional.

Waters was one of the founders of Pink Floyd in 1965, a band that earned international success with the albums The Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall. As of 2013 the band had sold more than 250 million albums.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Luis Valencia

    I can’t believe this shtt. ”Sponsored by the Mexican government” Fuck off!

  • Bill

    Waters is an ass.

    • Patrick O’Reilly

      So are you shit bird

  • Susie Hirschfield

    Outrageous. Sponsored by the Mexican government, unbelievable

  • john donley

    Roger Waters should be run out of town the same way Donald Trump would have been had he not left only hours after he arrived. They are both liars, and have lined their pockets while perpetrating fraud. Roger has been lying for 37 years that he wrote all the lyrics to “The Wall”. He copied verse from another’s writing and claimed them as his own. He is a plagiarist and liar who should be welcomed that same way that fat orange fraud was a few weeks ago.

    • Mike Krön

      Try to be more specific, what are the facts?

      • john donley

        Facts. That’s an unusual request from a Roger Waters fan. Whatever Waters says is taken as gospel in much the same way that Trump’s followers issue fatwah’s to his critics. In may 1977, a woman named Jennifer Schroeder (1977 name) left to return to England after five months in the company of an pathetic asshole,me. She asked for and received her pick of what I had written during the time with her after I had been released from prison in Crete in Dec.,1976. I laughed when she asked me if any of my verse had been copyrighted; as if she had asked me to fly to the moon. I did not follow her as she had expected, although we corresponded a couple of times, the last being Xmas 1977. She asked me to send other writing after she left. Go to for one particular instance. What became “Young Lust” was written a few weeks after she left. Roger’s input began with the first phone ring. The song is a loud and focused FUCK YOU! to me from both Roger and Jennifer. Two verses of “Comfortably Numb” were copied and melded into that composition. You asked for facts. These are mine.

        • mahershallelhashbaz

          I concur with the FACT that Roger Waters is a plagiarist. This “free” concert in Mexico City was sponsored by AT&T, the telecommunications giant that provided the Feds with unlimited access to their customer’s phone records, as was reported by the New York Times in April 2006. A month later, this practice of the government and the private sector in bed together sharing data was actually made legal. You might remember that television ad in 2007 that shows mechanized harvesters in a field of wheat making a “crop circle” in the shape of the AT&T logo while the song “Want to Take You Higher” by Sly and the Family Stone played, making you want to dance as the Corporate Pigs harvest people’s private communications. I can see through Waters’ anti-government tirades because he boasted about his obtaining access to a spy satellite on his solo album “Radio K.A.O.S ” and even provided diagrams of how radio signals are relayed via satellite on the record album jacket. I read his song lyrics and wonder how such a decrepit creature could be so talented if it weren’t for those flying pigs on steroids.

          • mahershallelhashbaz

            “Soylent Green is people,!”

          • john donley

            Can’t tell you anything about lyrics he has written since “The Wall” came out. If he copied some of my verse why should I think that anything he publishes has really been written by him. Your description of the corporate -government connections have merit. Reminds me of episodes of the old X-files.

          • mahershallelhashbaz

            “Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man,” from season 4 of the X-Files features the career of Fox Mulder’s nemesis, who is none other than a former director of the N. S. A., John McConnell, who briefly left the agency before in 1996 before returning to his position the following year. In the X-Files episode the Cigarette Smoking Man quits his government job in 1996 to pursue a career writing fiction. The Wikipedia page cites this episode as portraying this villain as being the most dangerous man in America and in fact a certain employee of a company that was contracted to perform maintenance on the N. S. A. surveillance program risked everything by exposing McConnell’s abuse of power with the company he owned that provided the services that ensured that no one could so much as fart without someone knowing about it. That employee was Edward Snowden.

          • mahershallelhashbaz

            Oops. Made an error when I said Admiral McConnell left the N. S. A. and returned to his post the following year. But who cares? No one important is reading this, right?

        • Mike Krön

          Thank’s. And it makes me think. Sorry about that.

  • Ghaith Semaan

    Wow you guys! A world citizen, human and environmental activist and a freaking legend in his own right… what contributions have you done lately to benefit humanity.

  • Ryan Herbison

    When your over the target you pick up flak.

  • Ryan Herbison

    I guess this means that Israel is now loosing the propaganda war. Perhaps one day soon the Palestinians can have a portion of their country back, and no longer being an occupied state of Rothschild Zionists.