Estrada, the only mayor to take a salary cut. Estrada, the only mayor to take a salary cut.

Salary cuts lose their appeal after election

State of México candidates for mayor promised more than they wish to deliver

Candidates for mayor last June in several State of México municipalities were eager to pledge they would take salary cuts once elected. But only one has done so since they took office on January 1.

The mayor of Tlalnepantla, for example, earns 169,000 pesos a month (US $9,750), and just like her predecessor, Denisse Ugalde will earn over 570,000 pesos (US $33,000) a year in year-end and vacation bonuses.

The portion that is the year-end bonus, called aguinaldo, is 435,000 pesos, 10,000 pesos more than that of the country’s president.

A common campaign promise among mayoral candidates was to promote sound finances and review their salaries, but like Ugalde, the mayors of Atizapán and Naucalpan, Ana Balderas and Édgar Olvera, have made no adjustments at all.

According to data on the state transparency website, Balderas earns 98,000 pesos per month while Olvera receives 122,766.

Huixquilucan Mayor Enrique Vargas is in the same situation, earning the same 119,702 pesos per month as his predecessor.

The only exception to the trend is the mayor of Cuautitlán Izcalli, Víctor Estrada, who has cut his salary by 30%.

While the former mayor earned 115,362 pesos, Estrada gets only 80,673 pesos a month.

Mayor Estrada, a former Olympic athlete and Taekwondo medalist, has reported that the reduction of his salary and those of other members of his city council, will save the municipality 90 million pesos a month, funds that will be invested in security and public services, among others.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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